Bethesda Baptist Church Cemetery, Thorne Addition

Wirt County, West Virginia

Located behind the Bethesda Baptist Church in Palestine.

Latitude 39° 1' 40.7" N / Longitude 81° 24' 22.6" W M



All known burials documented.

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Burials in the Bethesda Baptist Church Cemetery, Thorne Addition

Elsie A. (--?--), is living.

Lynn M. (--?--), is living.

Elber Earl Allen, born 3 May 1931, died 15 April 1998, son of Foster E. Allen and Amma Jarvis. T

Foster E. Allen, born 19 November 1899, died 22 April 1969, son of W. Franklin Allen and Lucy Ellis. He married Amma Jarvis 19 April 1925. T

Waldo F. Allen, is living.

Betty E. Bailey, born 21 January 1930, died 15 February 1986, daughter of William McKinley Bailey and Blanch Patterson. She married Carl W. Montgomery. T

Opal Louise Bailey, born 2 November 1925, died 3 July 1997, daughter of Homer C. Bailey Senior and Viola Anna Leasure. She married Kenneth Brinton Somerville 1945. T

William McKinley Bailey, born 2 February 1893, died 20 October 1955, son of Samuel A. Bailey and Sarah Ellen Frazier. He married Blanch Patterson 26 December 1917. TD

Judith Agatha Bain, is living.

Ruth Baker, born 20 July 1894, died 22 March 1973, daughter of Albert Baker and Alice Hickman. She married Harry Truman Hupp 11 February 1919. T

William Sherman Beaver, born 14 March 1899, died 4 January 1947, son of George Nathan Beaver and Dora A. Smith. He married Delia Isner 24 May 1930. TDD

Gertrude Frances Bibbee, born 8 April 1905, died 27 October 1997, daughter of Richard Bibbee and Carrie Alberta Meredith. She married Rolla Warren Coplin 25 October 1924. T

Gay Bise, born 22 July 1893, died 21 July 1972, daughter of William H. Bise and Fannie Woodyard. She married Clayton C. Eaton 5 July 1910. T

Denzil Brainard Blair, born 18 December 1907, died 7 September 2004, son of Samuel Sheets Blair and Georgia Anna Lott. He married Virginia E. Corbitt 30 June 1928. T

Roy Blair, born 1909, died 1982, son of Samuel Sheets Blair and Georgia Anna Lott. He married Mary Belle Hershman 19 December 1931. T

Reverend Kelsie T. Board, born 16 February 1902, died 17 January 1995, son of Charles Stephen Board and Ocie D. Edwards. He married Wanda O. Peck 24 February 1926. T

Viola Boise, born 25 April 1890, died 12 September 1971, daughter of Elias Fremont Boice and Nancy Jane Hall. She married Doctor Albert Walter Edwards 20 August 1905. T

Zella Fern Boyer, born 27 December 1911, died January 1979, daughter of Okey M. Bayer and Melissa Roberts. She married Austin A. Slack 24 February 1934.

Shirley Ann Brooks, born 5 June 1935, died 6 June 1935, daughter of Thomas Edward Brooks Junior and Margery Claire Thorne. TD

Thomas Edward Brooks Junior, born 30 July 1911, died 12 April 1987, son of Reverend Thomas Edward Brooks Senior and Bertha Wright. He married Margery Claire Thorne 21 March 1935. He married Margery Claire Thorne 27 March 1935. T

Earl Wellington Brown, born 14 February 1904, died July 1977, son of William E. Brown and Belle Gillaspie. He married Lenora E. Daugherty 27 December 1931. T

Edwin Earl Brown, born 22 February 1935, died 19 October 1997, son of Earl Wellington Brown and Lenora E. Daugherty. He married Dorothea Arlene McNemar 1955. T

Hoyt D. Bumgarner, born 2 September 1915, died 30 April 1989, son of Joseph Craig Bumgarner and Nina Mae Geer. He married Nannie Blondena Miller 22 July 1933. T

Nancy L. Bumgarner, born 16 September 1891, died 13 July 1981, daughter of Thomas G. Bumgarner and Louisa A. Hall. She married Harry Martin Channell 2 January 1914. T

Bessie Pearl Burch, born 21 March 1886, died 28 March 1962, daughter of Edward Burch and Mary Ellen Cheuvront. She married Albert Galliton Corbitt 20 September 1903. T

Edith Madeline Burford, born 20 September 1884, died 3 April 1954, daughter of Jacob Burford and Susan Miller. She married Roscoe Cheuvront 8 July 1906. TD

Eugene Burford Senior, born 8 September 1877, died 3 June 1963, son of Jacob Burford and Susan Miller. He married Minerva Mae Cheuvront 21 February 1901. TD

Maude Cordelia Burford, born 30 November 1879, died 10 July 1951, daughter of Jacob Burford and Susan Miller. She married Elias Long 28 December 1904. TD

Carl Rowe Burton, born 29 January 1909, died 9 November 1971, son of James E. Burton and Fannah R. Lockhart. He married Marguerite Wagner. T

Fidella Burton, born 10 July 1876, died 5 June 1953, daughter of Richard Cane Burton and Elizabeth Stukey. She married Jonathan Brinton Somerville 14 August 1898. TD

B.O. Carpenter, born 1913, died 1983. He married Clara M. Richards. T

Corbett Barker Carpenter, born 18 September 1907, died 1 August 1964, son of William H. Carpenter and Nellie R. Corbett. He married Dorothy Deane Thorne 19 April 1952. TT

Walter J. Carter, born 8 September 1899, died April 1982, son of William H. Carter and Ida A. (--?--). He married Edna F. Morris 6 August 1938. T

Homer Chance, born 5 September 1900, died 12 October 1974, son of William Chance and Caroline Gabbart. He married Emma L. Keeder 6 February 1927. He married Goldie May Lowers 15 January 1962. T

Audra Belle Channell, born 28 January 1920, died 17 January 2018, daughter of Mervin Wiggins and Jennie Channell. She married Lester Lyle Crawford 1937.

Harry Martin Channell, born 15 September 1888, died 29 August 1963, son of Levie Grant Channell and Maud Helmer Gough. He married Nancy L. Bumgarner 2 January 1914. T

Jennie L. Channell, born 2 January 1895, died 23 September 1977, daughter of Levie Grant Channell and Maud Helmer Gough. T

Levie Grant Channell, born 22 December 1863, died 16 December 1947, son of William J. Channell and Sarah Jane Leach. He married Maud Helmer Gough 6 December 1886. TDD

Melvin Ray Channell Junior, born 4 February 1948, died 26 June 2012, son of Melvin Ray Channell Senior and Juanita Rue Hickman. T

Melvin Ray Channell Senior, born 18 February 1917, died 30 September 1971, son of Harry Martin Channell and Nancy L. Bumgarner. He married Juanita Rue Hickman 4 August 1943. TT

Pearl Eula Channell, born 11 October 1918, died 29 June 2004, daughter of Harry Martin Channell and Nancy L. Bumgarner. She married Charley Q. Myrick 13 June 1946. T

Gilbert Cheuvront, born 19 August 1888, died 16 December 1976, son of John Amos Cheuvront and Catherine Minerva Daggett. He married Norma Belle Cline 13 December 1908. T

Minerva Mae Cheuvront, born 22 May 1877, died 28 August 1962, daughter of John Amos Cheuvront and Catherine Minerva Daggett. She married Eugene Burford Senior 21 February 1901. TD

Roscoe Cheuvront, born 16 May 1886, died 31 January 1953, son of John Amos Cheuvront and Catherine Minerva Daggett. He married Edith Madeline Burford 8 July 1906. TD

Virgil Eugene Cheuvront, born 13 May 1907, died 11 March 1993, son of Roscoe Cheuvront and Edith Madeline Burford. He married Ethel Mae Seaton 29 March 1929. T

Alice Margaret Cline, born 6 December 1922, died 16 February 2009, daughter of Harvey S. Cline and Rosa Anna Snyder. She married Ralph Hickman Smith 6 October 1938. T

Brainard Nimrod Cline, born 25 June 1899, died 28 May 1975, son of Simeon Cline and Anna L. Wiseman. He married Roxie M. Stephens 22 September 1928. T

Brainard Owen Cline, born 1 July 1929, died 29 June 1997, son of Brainard Nimrod Cline and Roxie M. Stephens. He married Mildred Pauline Vandall 22 August 1951. TT

Fannie Russell Cline, born 2 July 1897, died 29 July 1993, daughter of Simeon Cline and Anna L. Wiseman. She married Fred S. Thorn 29 May 1914. T

Harvey S. Cline, born 19 October 1892, died 25 April 1957, son of Marion S. Cline and Magdelene Lockhart. He married Rosa Anna Snyder 20 November 1920. TD

Lenora Marie Cline, born 16 November 1930, died 6 July 2008, daughter of Harlie Rector Cline and Cora Ethel Lott. She married Edwin Doral Lockhart 3 July 1948. T

Norma Belle Cline, born 19 May 1891, died 6 November 1977, daughter of Simeon Cline and Anna L. Wiseman. She married Gilbert Cheuvront 13 December 1908. T

Eugene Howard Coe, born 23 October 1918, died 24 April 1980, son of Howard Cecil Coe and Myrtle Smith. He married Blondena Ruth Hickman 11 July 1942. TT

Howard Cecil Coe, born 19 January 1892, died November 1975, son of James Russell Coe and Evaline Henrietta R. Edmondson. He married Myrtle Smith 6 August 1916. T

Larry E. Coe, born 18 May 1944, died 8 July 2008, son of Eugene Howard Coe and Blondena Ruth Hickman. He married Lynn M. (--?--). T

Mary Almedia Coe, born 28 November 1872, died 12 July 1955, daughter of James Russell Coe and Evaline Henrietta R. Edmondson. She married Frank M. Allman 1 September 1915. TD

Zora Bell Coe, born 2 December 1876, died 30 June 1950, daughter of James Russell Coe and Evaline Henrietta R. Edmondson. TD

Blanche B. Collins. T

Mary F. Congleton, born 3 August 1919, died 3 May 2012, daughter of Lewis O. Congleton and Mary Etta Cox. She married Charles Kenneth Yonkins 23 October 1937. T

Olive L. Cook, born 27 June 1922, died 18 May 1993, daughter of (--?--) Cook and Mamie Bradshaw. She married Harris Burns Gibboney Junior July 1946. T

Donald Ray Coplin, born 12 September 1930, died 10 January 2010, son of Rolla Warren Coplin and Gertrude Frances Bibbee. He married Virginia Fay Sayre. He married Patsy Ann Sheppard 30 June 1951. T

Okey Richard Coplin, born 13 October 1925, died 3 February 1945, son of Rolla Warren Coplin and Gertrude Frances Bibbee. T

Rolla Warren Coplin, born 8 October 1903, died 24 May 1962, son of Doctor Okey Warren Coplin and Claudia Gertrude McGee. He married Gertrude Frances Bibbee 25 October 1924. TD

Beulah Sarah Corbett, born 9 December 1899, daughter of Archibald C. Corbett and Caroline Bell Hendershot. She married Harry Hopkins Thorne Senior 23 August 1919. T

Bradford Devees Corbett, born 18 December 1894, died 22 July 1980, son of Archibald C. Corbett and Caroline Bell Hendershot. He married Hazel Icie Dawson 19 June 1915. T

Albert Galliton Corbitt, born 19 February 1882, died 26 April 1951, son of Albert Galliton Corbitt and Virginia Landons Flesher. He married Bessie Pearl Burch 20 September 1903. TD

Albert Martin Corbitt (Bob), born 1 June 1931, died 18 November 2001, son of Charles Bradford Corbitt and Carrie Sims. He married Bessie Madeline Lynch 5 January 1952. He married Frances M. Lynch 22 July 1969. TT

Billie Lewis Corbitt, born 17 March 1924, died 10 June 2008, son of Albert Galliton Corbitt and Bessie Pearl Burch. He married Bettyann Delancey 24 August 1947. TT

Charles Bradford Corbitt, born 19 June 1904, died September 1982, son of Albert Galliton Corbitt and Bessie Pearl Burch. He married Carrie Sims 14 March 1926. T

Charles Richard Corbitt, born 1 February 1935, died 2 February 2005, son of Charles Bradford Corbitt and Carrie Sims. He married Judith Agatha Bain 3 July 1954. TT

Harold M. Corbitt, born 15 February 1917, died 20 June 1995, son of Albert Galliton Corbitt and Bessie Pearl Burch. He married Mary Geneva Reeves. TT

Herman Cecil Corbitt, born 27 July 1914, died 13 January 1984, son of Albert Galliton Corbitt and Bessie Pearl Burch. He married Lena May Ward 7 December 1945. T

Jeanie Corbitt, is living.

Lenora Irene Corbitt, born 14 March 1918, died 23 August 1961, daughter of Bradford Devees Corbett and Hazel Icie Dawson. She married Emmett Preston Lewis 6 February 1963. TD

Martha P. Corbitt, born 18 October 1928, died 16 November 2008, daughter of Charles Bradford Corbitt and Carrie Sims. She married Waldo F. Allen 4 April 1947. She married Waldo F. Allen 6 April 1947. T

Mary Mildred Corbitt, born 18 January 1927, died 1996, daughter of Albert Galliton Corbitt and Bessie Pearl Burch. She married (--?--) Smith. She married Eli Justine Sims 1 February 1946. T

Thomas Richard Corbitt, born 20 January 1956, died 30 April 1974, son of Charles Richard Corbitt and Judith Agatha Bain. T

Tonja Susan Corbitt, born 27 April 1960, died 28 April 1960, daughter of Charles Richard Corbitt and Judith Agatha Bain. TD

Virginia E. Corbitt, born 15 August 1907, died 18 July 1980, daughter of Albert Galliton Corbitt and Bessie Pearl Burch. She married Denzil Brainard Blair 30 June 1928. T

June Courtney, born 30 July 1922, died 4 July 1991, daughter of Samuel Henry Courtney and Agnes Ellen Matilda Keeder. She married William E. Wigal 19 April 1943. T

Lester Lyle Crawford, born 16 April 1919, died 20 August 2006, son of Oscar E. Crawford and Nellie May Dent. He married Audra Belle Channell 1937.

Alice L. Culver, born 9 March 1887, died 29 April 1961, daughter of Samuel M. Culver and Arthela Bunner. She married Robert B. Merrill. She married Grover Cleveland Coe 19 August 1956. TD

Reverend Don Ellis Cunningham, born 10 June 1931, died 6 February 2015, son of Will Cunningham and Tausa G. Wilson. He married Lura Nell Vanstory. He married Karen C. Jordan. T

Henry Cutlip, born 1912, died May 1988. He married Reva Leona Perkins 5 February 1933. T

Edward Benson Daggett, born 16 December 1867, died 16 June 1957, son of Erastus P. Daggett and Abagail Van Vlack. He married Aurilla Haywood West 17 February 1892. TDD

Floyd Waldo Daggett, born 11 June 1908, died 12 October 1984, son of Walter Andrew Daggett and Martha Lulu Burford. He married Wilma E. Dalton 13 December 1936. T

Joseph Homer Dalton, born 1 July 1891, died 8 July 1963, son of Henry Dalton and Elizabeth Burch. He married Ada H. Hunt 26 November 1914. T

Wilma E. Dalton, born 22 August 1915, died 4 March 2000, daughter of Joseph Homer Dalton and Ada H. Hunt. She married Floyd Waldo Daggett 13 December 1936. T

Alice A. Daniell, born 25 November 1920, died 2 May 2001, daughter of Samuel Franklin Daniell and Georgia Pearl Sims. She married Theodore Donald Lockhart 16 October 1940. T

Lenora E. Daugherty, born 20 February 1905, died 12 February 1991, daughter of David W. Daugherty Junior and Amanda M. Boice. She married Earl Wellington Brown 27 December 1931. T

Oliver Clayton Daugherty, born 29 October 1888, died 13 September 1964, son of David W. Daugherty Junior and Amanda M. Boice. He married Lucy Ercil Sheppard. TDD

David M. Davis, born 25 February 1873, died 15 February 1952, son of Caleb Davis and Elizabeth (--?--). TDD

Gilbert Jackson Davis, born 4 April 1894, died 7 January 1951, son of Joseph Sirus Davis and Phoebe Jane Davis. He married Rebecca Jane Monroe 23 August 1916. TD

Margaret Loretta Davis, born 30 November 1910, died January 1994, daughter of A.P. Davis. She married Charles Henry Mullen 6 July 1926. T

Gabrielle Angel Nichole Deem, born 7 October 2001, died 3 October 2016, daughter of Charles E. Sims and Tammy Deem.

Bettyann Delancey, is living.

Robert Lyn Donahue, born 9 July 1940, died 23 March 1993, son of Ira D. Donahue and Alvaretta Harris. He married Levana Evelyn Carson 31 October 1959. T

Richard Harold Dotson, born 13 February 1929, died 19 June 2015, son of Friend Harold Dotson and Mamie Bell Dulin. He married Pauline Virginia Wiseman.

Della A. Dye, born 16 February 1890, died 23 March 1961, daughter of James Washington Dye and Louisa McFee. She married Harry Thomas Lockhart 10 June 1916. T

Beatrice C. Eaton, born 28 October 1920, died 19 October 1974, daughter of Clayton C. Eaton and Gay Bise. She married Scollay E. Morgan. T

Clayton C. Eaton, born 14 October 1881, died 5 April 1973, son of Joseph F. Eaton and Christena Susan Chew. He married Gay Bise 5 July 1910. T

Ada Mae Edwards, born 16 August 1931, died 25 September 2009, daughter of Doctor Albert Walter Edwards and Viola Boise. She married Leon Fawley. She was companion of Robert Wigal. She married Orley Dorr Bell 22 February 1948. T

Doctor Albert Walter Edwards, born 9 February 1880, died 29 July 1961, son of John Edwards and Columbia Virginia Lowther. He married Viola Boise 20 August 1905. TD

Ivan Pearl Edwards, born 17 August 1925, died 25 January 1980, son of Doctor Albert Walter Edwards and Viola Boise. He was engaged to Madge Williams. T

Roy Irvin Edwards, born 1908, died between 1961 and 1971, son of Doctor Albert Walter Edwards and Viola Boise. He married Mary Alexander. He married V. Thelma Strickling 30 July 1932. His second wife, Mary, later had his body moved to Alabama.

Tobitha Jo Ellison, born 13 April 1962, died 15 September 2012, daughter of Joe Ellison and Ruth Gates. She married (--?--) Satow. T

Ella Grace Epling, born 15 August 1933, died 10 March 1990, daughter of Esten Leonard Epling and Juanita Evelyn Simmons. She married Aaron Jonathan Hayes Sims 14 January 1951. T

Naomi June Exline, born 18 April 1931, died 14 February 2007, daughter of Claudius E. Exline and Anna Beatrice Piggott. She married Martin Edward Williamson 18 July 1953. T

Clarence E. Gates, born 28 December 1907, died 29 May 1988, son of Ervin D. Gates and Emma Woodyard. He married Volga G. Vaught 26 April 1936. T

Dorwin Glen Gates, born 20 January 1938, died 13 March 1944, son of Clarence E. Gates and Volga G. Vaught. TDD

Helen Marie George, born 15 February 1923, died 27 July 1998, daughter of Ezra Clarence George and Esta C. Roberts. She married Doyle Franklin McVey 22 June 1946. T

Harris Burns Gibboney Junior, born 1922, died 6 August 2012, son of Harris B. Gibboney Senior and Pearl Kelly. He married Jenny Bruner. He married Olive L. Cook July 1946. T

Bessie S. Givens, born 2 August 1902, died 30 July 1958, daughter of Hayes Givens and Ethel Lucinda Justice. She married Charles R. Sims 16 October 1920. T

Hayes Givens, born 28 June 1876, died 12 March 1951, son of Oliver J. Givens and Martha Jane Holden. He married Ethel Lucinda Justice 15 September 1901. TD

Maud Helmer Gough, born 11 February 1869, died 16 November 1950, daughter of Jacob Gough and Mary Slaven. She married Levie Grant Channell 6 December 1886. TDD

Delcie Grimm, born 29 March 1907, died 4 March 1974, daughter of Christopher Columbus Grimm and Deborah Hendricks. She married Camille Manteau.

Kathryn Maxine Harless, born 6 November 1923, died 29 June 2012, daughter of Roy Harless and Maime Neal. She married Willard Frank Ward. T

Thelma L. Helms, born 9 December 1920, died 17 December 1998, daughter of Willie Helms and Nellie Presley. She married Harold B. Hickman. She married Dorsey Crosley. T

Mary Belle Hershman, born 2 April 1912, died 7 May 1970, daughter of L.L. Hershman. She married Roy Blair 19 December 1931. T

Blondena Ruth Hickman, born 3 September 1924, died 4 January 2006, daughter of Basil F. Hickman and Belva Watson. She married Eugene Howard Coe 11 July 1942. T

Garnett Hickman, born 21 April 1893, died March 1984, daughter of William Hickman and Hannah Elizabeth Turner. She married Henry Isaac Shears 27 November 1948. T

Harold B. Hickman, born 10 April 1928, died 18 January 2001, son of Staff Sergeant Spencer O. Hickman and Inez Edwina Conley. He married Thelma L. Helms. TT

Iva B. Hickman, born 16 August 1904, died 27 January 2000. T

Juanita Rue Hickman, born 22 April 1923, died 6 June 2017, daughter of Basil F. Hickman and Belva Watson. She married Melvin Ray Channell Senior 4 August 1943.

Roy Hickman, born 15 February 1888, died 13 February 1967, son of Thomas Hickman and Sarah Williamson. He married Angeline Gabarillia Long 20 December 1908. T

William Donald Hickman, born 14 August 1924, died 26 May 1987, son of Carter D. Hickman and Iva B. Patterson. He married Anna Mae Tillett. TT

Lawson Bryan Hissam, born 21 February 1897, died 16 February 1968, son of Dorr Hissam and Rosa May Lightner. He married Esta C. Lockhart 25 March 1945. T

Edna Hopkins, born 26 September 1907, died 10 May 1975, daughter of Homer Harrison Hopkins and Ethel Johnson.

Violet Hopkins, born 21 July 1913, died 18 November 1987, daughter of Homer Harrison Hopkins and Ethel Johnson.

Ada H. Hunt, born 1896, died 1978, daughter of Henry Hunt and Nannie Laura Rife. She married Joseph Homer Dalton 26 November 1914. T

Trenton Matthew Hunt, born 6 February 2005, died 6 February 2005, son of Matthew Ryan Hunt and Natasha Lynn Batten. T

Charles Leroy Hupp, born 13 May 1934, died 23 June 1961, son of Harry Truman Hupp and Ruth Baker. He married Irene Shannon. T

Delores G. Hupp, born 16 August 1936, died 29 June 1987, daughter of Harry Truman Hupp and Ruth Baker. She married (--?--) Nemeth. T

Harold Eugene Hupp, born 16 March 1929, died 18 May 1985, son of Harry Truman Hupp and Ruth Baker. He married Ruth Vivian Stewart 4 September 1954. He married Verla Jean Workman 9 July 1983. T

Harry Truman Hupp, born 12 June 1889, died 24 September 1977, son of Hiram Hupp and Mary Elizabeth Hall. He married Ruth Baker 11 February 1919. TT

Nora Elizabeth Hutchinson, born 8 October 1931, died 1 April 2000, daughter of Roy C. Hutchinson and Margaret C. Lamp. She married Emory Edwin Jarvis 17 December 1950. T

Pastor Robert Gene Hutton Senior, born 7 February 1940, died 18 March 2014, son of Ernest E. Hutton and Beatrice M. Bayer. He married Jeanie Corbitt 1958. T

Delia Isner, born 1907. She married William Sherman Beaver 24 May 1930.

Amma Jarvis, born 24 February 1900, died 23 October 1950, daughter of Nathan Jarvis and Melissa Smith. She married Foster E. Allen 19 April 1925. TD

Emory Edwin Jarvis, born 22 August 1924, died 16 October 2009, son of Edwin Lee Jarvis and Madge Blanch McKlwee. He married Nora Elizabeth Hutchinson 17 December 1950. T

Karen C. Jordan, is living.

Lester M. Jordan, born 1910, died January 1976, son of James B. Jordan and Laura Davis. He married Thelma O. Mullinex. T

Ethel Lucinda Justice, born 13 August 1881, died 22 October 1948, daughter of Aaron Charles Justice and Susan Catherine Thomas. She married Hayes Givens 15 September 1901. TD

Emma L. Keeder, born 2 August 1906, died 8 March 1960, daughter of Benjamin Franklin Keeder and Birdie Roach. She married Homer Chance 6 February 1927. T

Inez Eva King, born 4 April 1901, died November 1984, daughter of Harmon B. King and Minnie C. Vandine. She married Herschel F. Williamson 24 December 1920.

Florence Marie Klay, born 2 October 1908, died 10 October 1964, daughter of Amos Klay and Clara P. Schawder. She married Linzy Gabbert 19 March 1932. DD

June Maxine Leonard, born 14 July 1932, died 27 June 2008. She married Ralph Edward Daugherty. She married Walter Eugene Parsons 1974. T

(--?--) Lockhart, born 16 April 1954, died 16 April 1954, daughter of Reverend Donald Lenza Lockhart and Dorothy Justine Long. T

Bertha Louise Lockhart, born 22 October 1917, died 3 August 1997, daughter of Harry Thomas Lockhart and Della A. Dye. T

Edwin Doral Lockhart, born 11 February 1929, died 26 November 2008, son of Harry Thomas Lockhart and Della A. Dye. He married Lenora Marie Cline 3 July 1948. T

Esta C. Lockhart, born 2 May 1902, died 30 December 1984, daughter of Charles C. Lockhart and Laura V. Houchin. She married Marcus V. Bowman 7 February 1923. She married Lawson Bryan Hissam 25 March 1945. T

Harold Wayne Lockhart, born 18 April 1940, died 1 September 1961, son of James Ruble and Bertha Louise Lockhart. TT

Harry Thomas Lockhart, born 26 January 1896, died January 1982, son of Marco Bozzaris Lockhart and Bertha P. Monroe. He married Della A. Dye 10 June 1916. T

Theodore Donald Lockhart, born 12 July 1919, died 14 November 2002, son of Harry Thomas Lockhart and Della A. Dye. He married Alice A. Daniell 16 October 1940. TT

Angeline Gabarillia Long, born 1888, died 1963, daughter of Levi Irvin Long and Gabriella Beaver. She married Roy Hickman 20 December 1908. T

Anna H. Long, born 24 November 1906, died 24 September 2003, daughter of Elias Long and Maude Cordelia Burford. She married Harold Lenox. T

Elias Long, born 26 October 1874, died 6 March 1962, son of Levi Irvin Long and Gabriella Beaver. He married Maude Cordelia Burford 28 December 1904. T

Ruth Burton Long, born 21 March 1900, died 10 January 1950, daughter of George W. Long and Rosa B. Fry. TD

Frances M. Lynch, born 15 October 1933, died 14 June 2002, daughter of Francis Rector Lynch and Bertha Pearl McCoy. She married Albert Martin Corbitt 22 July 1969. T

Clara Matilda McFee, born 28 May 1872, died 5 September 1952, daughter of Jacob McFee and Sarah Amanda Petty. She married Wirt Thorne Junior 6 May 1899. TDD

Mary Lee McShurley, born 19 January 1922, died 1 October 2011, daughter of James McShurley and Sarah (--?--). She married Leo Anderson Pettry. T

Doyle Franklin McVey, born 7 June 1910, died November 1976, son of William Franklin McVey and Flora Lockhart. He married Helen Marie George 22 June 1946. T

Robert B. Merrill, born 2 June 1882, died 18 July 1953, son of Joseph B. Merrill and Mary E. Stephens. He married Alice L. Culver. TDD

John Wilson Michener, born 22 July 1878, died 5 April 1969, son of George Michener and Sarah Ann Hoopes. He married Ruby Doris Woodyard 25 April 1914. T

Nannie Blondena Miller, born 5 August 1912, died 18 June 2003, daughter of Joseph M. Miller and Gracie E. Bennett. She married Hoyt D. Bumgarner 22 July 1933. T

Rebecca Jane Monroe, born 25 December 1894, died October 1980, daughter of Jonathan Gilbert Monroe and Mary Ellen Cunningham. She married Gilbert Jackson Davis 23 August 1916. T

Carl W. Montgomery, born 21 September 1900, died 5 October 1979, son of Stephen Edward Montgomery and Dora Luanna Sams. He married Betty E. Bailey. TT

Jessie M. Morehead, born 9 December 1878, died 27 October 1953, daughter of Alfred Preston Morehead and Virginia Owens. She married Lewis Edwin Shuck 4 November 1901. TD

John Clarke Morehead, born 23 March 1911, died 9 November 1964, son of Lon J. Morehead and Lessie Leota Clarke. He married Beatrice Eaton. T

Wilbert M. Morehead, born 7 July 1869, died 25 May 1956, son of Thomas Morehead and Sarah M. Wiseman. He married Mary Ellen Yonkins 26 July 1897. TD

Scollay E. Morgan, born 8 December 1908, died November 1983, son of William E. Morgan and Myrtle C. Smith. He married Beatrice C. Eaton. He married Genevieve Gene Westfall 3 July 1947. TT

Edna F. Morris, born 15 January 1917, died 26 June 1998. She married Walter J. Carter 6 August 1938. T

Charles Henry Mullen, born 27 June 1903, died July 1979, son of Thomas H. Mullen and Rachel Miller. He married Margaret Loretta Davis 6 July 1926. T

Wilbert Levi Mullen, born 21 October 1936, died 19 December 2014, son of Charles Henry Mullen and Margaret Loretta Davis. He married Donna Jean (--?--).

Thelma O. Mullinex, born 24 October 1901, died 17 February 1988, daughter of Jason Mullinex and Mary Jane (--?--). She married Lester M. Jordan. She married (--?--) Rhodes. T

Charley Q. Myrick, born 27 September 1917, died 17 October 1999, son of George Myrick and Dollie (--?--). He married Pearl Eula Channell 13 June 1946. TT

Charles Edwin Ott, born 4 March 1919, died 28 January 1993, son of Robert Delbert Ott and Elma Vernon. He married Edwina Thorn 25 August 1944. TT

Cora Elva Ott, born 25 March 1901, died 11 December 1960, daughter of Hiram Noble Ott and Ada Ann Woodyard. She married George David Snider 27 March 1920. TD

Hiram Noble Ott, born 18 October 1879, died 25 December 1946, son of Barnett F. Ott and Susan Caroline Cheuvront. He married Ada Ann Woodyard 21 June 1900. TDD

Von Gay Ott, born 11 March 1904, died 12 October 1981, son of Robert Delbert Ott and Elma Vernon. He married Elizabeth C. Reese 1 June 1926. T

Orma E. Owens, born 15 July 1886, died 29 January 1971, daughter of Thomas J. Owens and Theodosia Ann Lockhart. She married Andrew Floyd Veach 16 May 1909. T

Walter Eugene Parsons, born 8 September 1929, died 12 February 2006, son of Reverend Charles Moore Parsons and Geraldine Edith Tingler. He was licensed to marry Daphne Rosalia O'Connell 28 November 1966. He married June Maxine Leonard 1974. T

Blanch Patterson, born 22 June 1897, died 18 February 1969, daughter of James Nelson Patterson and Carolina Lawson. She married William McKinley Bailey 26 December 1917. She married Early Stewart Lowers 2 May 1959. T

Harrison W. Peck, born 24 February 1868, died 17 June 1959, son of Jacob C. Peck and Margaret Bowers. He married Margaret Jane Shepard 13 September 1894. D

Wanda O. Peck, born 14 March 1903, died 12 October 1999, daughter of Harrison W. Peck and Margaret Jane Shepard. She married Reverend Kelsie T. Board 24 February 1926. T

Earl Edward Perkins, born 25 January 1945, died 6 February 1983, son of Rex S. Perkins and Winnie Alice Wiseman. He married Connie Christine Kimble 12 June 1964. T

Elizabeth Perkins, born 1943, died 9 July 2016, daughter of Rex S. Perkins and Winnie Alice Wiseman. She married Robert Donahue. She married (--?--) Wenzel.

Reva Leona Perkins, born 17 March 1918, died 28 December 2005, daughter of William Dow Perkins and Martha Ann Scott. She married Henry Cutlip 5 February 1933. T

Rex S. Perkins, born 1909, died 1980. He married Winnie Alice Wiseman. T

Donald Larry Pettry, born 2 November 1947, died 22 April 2009, son of Leo Anderson Pettry and Mary Lee McShurley. He married Anita (--?--) 1974.

Leo Anderson Pettry, born 7 May 1916, died 11 August 1989, son of William Lacy Pettry and Vada Whittington. He married Mary Lee McShurley. T

Leo Michael Pettry, born 28 December 1976, died 9 July 2004, son of Gideon Block and Linda Yvonne Pettry. He married Gloria (--?--). T

Linda Yvonne Pettry, born 14 November 1948, died 6 March 2004, daughter of Leo Anderson Pettry and Mary Lee McShurley. She married (--?--) Trader. T

Lloyd Pettry (Pete), born 24 May 1950, died 6 December 2006, son of Leo Anderson Pettry and Mary Lee McShurley. He married Teresa Whited. T

Clark James Reed, born 26 December 1980, died 11 June 2000. T

James F. Reed, born 9 April 1923, died 11 February 1986, son of Hollie Reed and Emma Keeder. He married Ella B. Yeager 21 March 1942. T

Elizabeth C. Reese, born 11 August 1902, died 28 May 1989, daughter of Lester Shellenberger Reese and Margaret Pearl Thorn. She married Von Gay Ott 1 June 1926. T

Lester Shellenberger Reese, born 19 September 1864, died 11 December 1945, son of Phillip Davis Reese and Charlotte Hatfield. He married Margaret Pearl Thorn 30 July 1892. TD

Mark Melrose Reese, born 18 April 1899, died 1 October 1967, son of Lester Shellenberger Reese and Margaret Pearl Thorn. He married Elsie A. (--?--). T

Mary Geneva Reeves, born 13 October 1921, died 25 May 2012, daughter of Pearl Reeves and Pansy G. Enoch. She married Harold M. Corbitt. T

Clara M. Richards, born 31 March 1906, died January 1992, daughter of Albert C. Richards and Dovey Ann Jeffries. She married B.O. Carpenter. T

Clarence Richards, born 31 March 1906, died 3 April 1976, son of Albert C. Richards and Dovey Ann Jeffries.

Sarah Rulina Richards, born 19 September 1877, died 15 February 1970, daughter of David Richards and Sarah Gaston. She married Ezra Coy Watson 19 December 1902. T

Harmon Ray Robinson, born 17 May 1910, died 31 July 1975, son of Simon S. Robinson and Naomi M. Whitecotton. TT

Ernest Lee Rupard, born 1 May 1892, died 19 December 1961, son of Charles Rupard and Alwilda Robb. He was licensed to marry Josie Yeager 12 November 1946. TD

George Willis Rupard, born 27 August 1874, died 18 February 1958, son of Charles Rupard and Alwilda Robb. He married Genora Palmer 28 April 1903. TD

Ethel Mae Seaton, born 22 October 1903, died 27 February 1974, daughter of Landon N. Seaton and Rebecca Rachel Greathouse. She married Virgil Eugene Cheuvront 29 March 1929. T

Margaret Jane Shepard, born 8 May 1877, died 3 May 1956, daughter of James Peter Shepard and Ellen VanCourt. She married Harrison W. Peck 13 September 1894. D

John J. Sheppard, born 16 October 1928, died 2 April 2008, son of Charles Cleveland Sheppard and Cigal Mary Cox. He married Mary Louise Blair. T

Lucy Ercil Sheppard, born 3 August 1896, died 17 May 1974, daughter of Jonah Sheppard and Arizona Smith. She married Oliver Clayton Daugherty. T

Patsy Ann Sheppard, born 28 July 1933, died 16 June 1980, daughter of Burton Keith Sheppard and Chloie Elizabeth Smith. She married Donald Ray Coplin 30 June 1951. T

Delma Eloise Shuck, born 10 October 1906, died 8 September 1969, daughter of Lewis Edwin Shuck and Jessie M. Morehead. She married Earnest Duncan 1 August 1928. T

Lewis Edwin Shuck, born 12 March 1880, died 19 February 1952, son of Moses Shuck and Lydia Jane Bonnett. He married Jessie M. Morehead 4 November 1901. T

Aaron Jonathan Hayes Sims, born 31 March 1929, died 19 February 2000, son of Charles R. Sims and Bessie S. Givens. He married Ella Grace Epling 14 January 1951. T

Carrie Sims, born 28 September 1905, died 13 April 1976, daughter of Henry Martin Sims and Martha Alice Cain. She married Charles Bradford Corbitt 14 March 1926. T

Charles R. Sims, born 19 February 1894, died 7 March 1971, son of Benjamin Jonathan Sims and Susan Roanne Smith. He married Dott McFee. He married Bessie S. Givens 16 October 1920. TT

Eli Justine Sims, born 2 May 1923, died 22 December 1987, son of Charles R. Sims and Bessie S. Givens. He married Mary Mildred Corbitt 1 February 1946. T

Nancy Sue Sims, born 15 June 1953, died 15 June 1953, daughter of Aaron Jonathan Hayes Sims and Ella Grace Epling. T

Paul David Sims, born 12 June 1949, died 6 December 1970, son of Eli Justine Sims and Mary Mildred Corbitt. T

Ada Marie Slack, born 25 May 1911, died 18 December 1979, daughter of John Lawrence Slack and Marietta Summerfield. She married William E. Wilson. T

Alfred H. Slack, born 1 September 1930, died 22 June 2017, son of John Lawrence Slack and Marietta Summerfield.

Austin A. Slack, born 6 December 1912, died 10 October 2006, son of John Lawrence Slack and Marietta Summerfield. He married Zella Fern Boyer 24 February 1934. T

Missouri Smith, born 4 March 1889, died December 1974, daughter of Reverend Levi Smith and Nancy Burrows. She married Clark McCoy. She married Homer A. Yeager 15 October 1919. T

Myrtle Smith, born 29 June 1891, died 1 October 1969, daughter of James M. Smith and Amanda J. Edwards. She married Howard Cecil Coe 6 August 1916. T

Ralph Hickman Smith, born 4 August 1915, died 10 October 1982. He married Alice Margaret Cline 6 October 1938. TT

George David Snider, born 30 May 1889, died November 1981, son of Hezekiah Snyder and Sarah Ellen Lott. He married Cora Elva Ott 27 March 1920. TT

Dell Eurie Snyder, born 26 February 1887, died 17 June 1963, daughter of Hezekiah Snyder and Sarah Ellen Lott. She married (--?--) Cline. She married Warren A. Smoot 10 January 1909. T

Rosa Anna Snyder, born 20 March 1902, died 11 January 1964, daughter of Alfred M. Snyder and Mary Bailey. She married Harvey S. Cline 20 November 1920. TD

Carolyn Ann Somerville, born 14 June 1946, died 11 December 2011, daughter of Kenneth Brinton Somerville and Opal Louise Bailey. She married Lawrence E. Twyman. She married (--?--) Javins. TT

Doris Kay Somerville, is living.

Jonathan Brinton Somerville, born 4 February 1876, died 7 March 1959, son of Alfred Somerville and Almeda Goff. He married Fidella Burton 14 August 1898. DD

Kenneth Brinton Somerville, born 23 April 1918, died 1 November 1992, son of Jonathan Brinton Somerville and Fidella Burton. He married Arzona Criss 3 September 1938. He married Opal Louise Bailey 1945. TT

Kyle Lee Starcher, born 16 February 1967, died 1 February 1986. T

Charlie Alvin Stephens, born 21 October 1888, died 30 January 1961, son of Owen Cincinnatus Stephens and Frances M. Fisher. He married Stella Ethel Williamson 18 July 1909. TD

Elden Cecil Stephens (Red), born 1 August 1911, died 26 April 1954, son of Charlie Alvin Stephens and Stella Ethel Williamson. TD

Harold Ray Stephens, born 10 May 1929, died 11 March 1974, son of Charlie Alvin Stephens and Stella Ethel Williamson. He married Kathleen Shepard. He married Roselle McCulty 17 August 1951. TT

Kevin Shane Stephens, born 30 January 1961, died 30 January 1961, son of Harold Ray Stephens and Roselle McCulty. TD

Minnie Stephens, born 16 November 1882, died 12 October 1964, daughter of Owen Cincinnatus Stephens and Frances M. Fisher. TDD

Ona Virginia Stephens, born 31 October 1892, died 27 January 1971, daughter of Owen Cincinnatus Stephens and Frances M. Fisher. She married (--?--) Stout. T

Roxie M. Stephens, born 24 July 1902, died 26 December 1971, daughter of Owen Cincinnatus Stephens and Frances M. Fisher. She married Brainard Nimrod Cline 22 September 1928. T

Ruth Vivian Stewart, born 8 February 1929, died 22 April 1980 (or 24 April 1980), daughter of James Stewart and Mae Williams. She married James L. Rhoades. She married Harold Eugene Hupp 4 September 1954. T

Marietta Summerfield, born 7 October 1884, died 3 December 1977, daughter of Absolom B. Summerfield and Sophena Vineyard. She married John Lawrence Slack 15 May 1904. T

Annie V. Thomas, born 1904, died 1990, daughter of Nimrod Wiseman Thomas and Sarah E. Board. She married Reverend Orie Eugene W. Thorne 24 December 1950. T

Nathan Goff Thompson, born 11 May 1889, died 29 December 1961, son of William Henry Thompson and Elizabeth Bonar. He married Nettie Cline 19 May 1916. T

David Floyd Thorn, born 20 January 1915, died 12 February 1973, son of Fred S. Thorn and Fannie Russell Cline. T

Edwina Thorn, born 19 May 1918, died 23 March 2011, daughter of Fred S. Thorn and Fannie Russell Cline. She married (--?--) Cline. She married Charles Edwin Ott 25 August 1944.

Fred S. Thorn, born 25 April 1893, died 20 October 1931, son of Thomas Hayman Thorn and Cintilla Seaman. He married Fannie Russell Cline 29 May 1914. TDD

Helen Fayenelle Thorn, born 1924, died 1979, daughter of Fred S. Thorn and Fannie Russell Cline. She married Howard Raymond Schwartz 1946. T

Margaret Pearl Thorn, born 23 March 1876, died 27 October 1956, daughter of Alfred S. Thorn and Elizabeth A. Booher. She married Lester Shellenberger Reese 30 July 1892. TD

Dana Jewell Thorne, born 2 November 1909, died 8 June 2004, daughter of Wirt Thorne Junior and Clara Matilda McFee. She married Harold Orton Perkins 30 June 1931. T

Dorothy Deane Thorne, born 13 April 1907, died 14 April 1989, daughter of Wirt Thorne Junior and Clara Matilda McFee. She married Oakley Clifford Robertson 21 October 1938. She married Corbett Barker Carpenter 19 April 1952. TT

Harold Eugene Thorne, born 29 June 1900, died 24 May 1904, son of Wirt Thorne Junior and Clara Matilda McFee. T

Harry Hopkins Thorne Senior, born 9 May 1894, died 31 December 1966, son of Addison Hite Thorne and Carrie B. Coe. He married Beulah Sarah Corbett 23 August 1919. TT

James C. Thorne, born 22 February 1861, died 5 June 1945, son of Eugenius Wilson Thorne and Nancy Sheppard. He married Anna Martha Williamson 19 April 1888. TDDD

Margery Claire Thorne, born 9 January 1914, died 12 January 2005, daughter of Wirt Thorne Junior and Clara Matilda McFee. She married Thomas Edward Brooks Junior 21 March 1935. She married Thomas Edward Brooks Junior 27 March 1935. T

Reverend Orie Eugene W. Thorne, born 2 August 1889, died 1 October 1963, son of James C. Thorne and Anna Martha Williamson. He married Gladys D. Waggoner 31 December 1908. He married Annie V. Thomas 24 December 1950. TD

Wirt Thorne Junior, born 14 August 1876, died 16 November 1969, son of Samuel Thorne and Theodosia Dye. He married Clara Matilda McFee 6 May 1899. TD

Anna Mae Tillett, born 30 June 1924, died 7 June 2005, daughter of Loren E. Tillett Senior and Esmeralda Midgette. She married William Donald Hickman. T

Ada Victoria Treadway, born 14 April 1910, died 5 April 1963, daughter of William Frederick Treadway and Hettie O. Sams. She married Raymond Ethan Sindledecker 1928. She married Darlington McFee Thorne 11 April 1952. TD

Lawrence E. Twyman, born 23 November 1935, died 29 December 2014, son of Grover C. Twyman and Flossie Matilda Wildman. He married Carolyn Ann Somerville. He married Edna M. Kinney.

Mildred Pauline Vandall, is living.

Lura Nell Vanstory, born 6 December 1935, died 15 May 1994, daughter of A.F. Vanstory and Oneita Manning. She married Reverend Don Ellis Cunningham. She married Dwayne T. West 14 February 1991. T

Volga G. Vaught, born 7 July 1908, died 26 February 2002, daughter of Albert Reed Vaught and Rosa M. Daggett. She married Clarence E. Gates 26 April 1936. T

Alta Juanita Veach, born 19 July 1915, died 7 March 1975, daughter of Andrew Floyd Veach and Orma E. Owens. She married (--?--) Lewis. T

Andrew Floyd Veach, born 3 July 1884, died 17 June 1972, son of George Silas Veach and Alice Melissa Weekley. He married Orma E. Owens 16 May 1909. T

Donald R. Veach, born 30 May 1910, died 6 June 1955, son of Andrew Floyd Veach and Orma E. Owens. TD

Glendon M. Veach, born 8 July 1912, died 30 April 1965, son of Andrew Floyd Veach and Orma E. Owens. TD

Laurie David Ward, born 22 May 1955, died 24 September 1993, son of Willard Frank Ward and Kathryn Maxine Harless. He married Linda Stickley. T

Lena May Ward, born 18 May 1912, died 16 May 2003, daughter of Ottie Raymond Ward and Iva Isabelle Romine. She married Herman Cecil Corbitt 7 December 1945. T

Willard Frank Ward, born 10 April 1917, died 28 July 1997, son of (--?--) Ward. He married Kathryn Maxine Harless. T

Willard V. Ward, born 23 March 1943, died 10 April 1996, son of Willard Frank Ward and Kathryn Maxine Harless. T

Betty Louise Watkins, born 23 December 1931, died 1 December 1990, daughter of Clay Talmage Watkins and May Sullivan. She married Charles W. Wigal 8 June 1949. T

Belva Watson, born 10 October 1903, died 22 May 1997, daughter of Ezra Coy Watson and Sarah Rulina Richards. She married Basil F. Hickman 6 September 1922. She married Benjamin Newton Gibson 16 November 1955. T

Ezra Coy Watson, born 7 February 1879, died 8 May 1963, son of David Watson and Alice Louvera Gray. He married Sarah Rulina Richards 19 December 1902. TD

Aurilla Haywood West, born 1872, died 15 January 1933, daughter of John West and Nancy Richardson. She married Edward Benson Daggett 17 February 1892. TDD

Teresa Whited, born 21 June 1963, died 13 February 2016, daughter of Charles Leamon Whited and Garnett Ashby. She married Lloyd Pettry.

Carl E. Wigal, born 10 October 1951, died 16 January 2003. T

Charles W. Wigal, born 7 July 1914, died 9 April 1992, son of William Luther Wigal and Evaline Barton. He married Betty Louise Watkins 8 June 1949. T

William E. Wigal, born 20 February 1911, died 3 September 2000, son of Orris P. Wigal and Nettie E. Sprouse. He married June Courtney 19 April 1943. T

Anna Martha Williamson, born 26 September 1864, died 8 October 1948, daughter of James Williamson and Jane McKinley. She married James C. Thorne 19 April 1888. TD

Herschel F. Williamson, born 19 April 1893, died 17 August 1966, son of John James Williamson and Mary Ann Lynch. He married Inez Eva King 24 December 1920. TD

James M. Williamson, born 30 September 1966, died 14 October 2007, son of Martin Edward Williamson and Naomi June Exline. He married Angela Archer 1990. T

Martin Edward Williamson, born 13 July 1929, died 16 September 2006, son of Herschel F. Williamson and Inez Eva King. He married Naomi June Exline 18 July 1953. T

Orma Estel Williamson, born 21 March 1895, died 20 July 1979, daughter of Joshua Herschel Williamson and Sarah Margaret Lockhart. She married Otis Vane Yonkins 24 December 1914. T

Robert Lee Williamson, born 25 January 1935, died November 1976, son of Herschel F. Williamson and Inez Eva King. T

Stella Ethel Williamson, born 6 December 1888, died 23 October 1953, daughter of Joshua Herschel Williamson and Sarah Margaret Lockhart. She married Charlie Alvin Stephens 18 July 1909. TD

William E. Wilson, born 25 August 1917, died 20 February 1991. He married Ada Marie Slack. T

Winnie Alice Wiseman, born 2 June 1912, died 15 October 1990, daughter of Russell Elwood Wiseman and Alma Elizabeth Caltrider. She married Rex S. Perkins. T

Luther Lee Woodring, born 2 June 1920, died 18 July 1970, son of James Lee Woodring and Ida Gay Menefee.

Ada Ann Woodyard, born 20 April 1879, died 6 March 1960, daughter of N. Fidillas Woodyard and Elizabeth Masters. She married Hiram Noble Ott 21 June 1900. T

Carmen E. Woodyard, born 15 January 1907, died 29 November 2002, daughter of Okey B. Woodyard and Ivy B. Eaton. She married Robert M. Pierce. T

Ruby Doris Woodyard, born 19 August 1890, died 10 October 1948, daughter of N. Fidillas Woodyard and Elizabeth Masters. She married John Wilson Michener 25 April 1914. TD

David Owen Wright, born 29 July 1949, died 30 November 2008.

Ella B. Yeager, born 25 May 1921, died 21 April 1972, daughter of Homer A. Yeager and Missouri Smith. She married James F. Reed 21 March 1942. T

Homer A. Yeager, born 20 May 1871, died 7 December 1948, son of George G. Yeager and Clarissa E. (--?--). He married Missouri Smith 15 October 1919. TD

Josie Yeager, born 13 October 1920, died 2 January 2003, daughter of Homer A. Yeager and Missouri Smith. She married Reverend John P. Dakin. She was licensed to marry Ernest Lee Rupard 12 November 1946. T

Charles Kenneth Yonkins, born 3 October 1917, died 25 April 1989, son of Otis Vane Yonkins and Orma Estel Williamson. He married Mary F. Congleton 23 October 1937. TT

Mary Ellen Yonkins, born 10 May 1869, died 3 July 1955, daughter of George W. Yonkins and Sarah Elizabeth Halfpenny. She married Wilbert M. Morehead 26 July 1897. TD

Otis Vane Yonkins, born 30 November 1888, died 14 April 1964, son of George W. Yonkins and Sarah Elizabeth Halfpenny. He married Orma Estel Williamson 24 December 1914. TD

Scott A. Yonkins, born 14 July 1969, died 18 November 1994. T

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